Help with social media and publicity!


  • Help put up videos of online events on Youtube and such!
  • Help post pictures of member projects on our instagram
  • or tell us how you’d like to help

Hey there! Do you all still need help with social media and publicity? I recently moved back to Austin, and would love to get involved.



It’d be great if we had someone running too.

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Diana, that’s great news :slight_smile: Thank you. I would love to have a conversation with you – do you have time this week? I can loop in another board member, Joe Ngo, if he’s not too busy with the start of school. I’ll drop you a PM.

Just seeing this!

Though I think the space is super fun and literally took no convincing to sign up once I found out about it, I’d be happy to think about ways to make it LOOK cool?

I’d love to get more involved in more creative/community aspect of social media (read: dumb and goofy)
Making shareable videos, though may not directly get sign ups but people would enjoy showing others and into the hands of potential hackers!

Just for fun, with a little bit footage at the space

Video for my business


I’m only just seeing this thread too, but Kye and I were just talking about kick-starting some efforts along these lines. I think it would be great to all get together and talk through some ideas for what we would like to do and make some plans to make it all happen.

I’ll be sliding in to the DMs of everyone here that has expressed some interest, but if anyone else wants to join the party, just give me a shout!


keyan, this made me laugh so much! :smiley: Thank you. Literal lol. Your dancing partners! Y’all got moves like Jagger. Moonwalking, salsa and booty shaking are really missing so far on our social media presence.

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