Help with medium-sized cardboard job?

I have a holiday project that involves (among other things!) processing 150-200 sheets of 18"x24"x5/32" corrugated cardboard for packaging, and the vendor who was going to do it just bailed :frowning: Straightforward job, could be done on any laser I think.

I’ve used lasers in the past and have a DXF ready to go, but I’ve never used any lasers at Asmbly and my official training isn’t for a couple weeks still.

I would normally just go in the middle of the night and grind these out for however many hours, but I’m technically not yet qualified.

Is there anybody who would be willing to help me out here? I can think of two main ways:

  1. Somebody could give me a small amount of assistance and training, enough that I could sit there and run the job over and over again until everything is cut.
  2. Somebody could take the whole job as a gig, cut it all for me, and make a few bucks. Whatever we can decide is fair.

Any takers for sometime/anytime next week? It would be so appreciated :slight_smile:

If possible I would suggest you port this as a PDF. DXF (and SVG) formats notoriously have no particular scale attached to its units. Not only can they be off by 25.4x because of metric/inch mismatches, they can also be off by random, less noticeable scaling probs.

If you leave a sample of this cardboard with a note, we can figure out the cutting speed, I’m always adding more to Tarkin’s material database there. This can also go on Pearl.

It will go fast. On Tarkin, I would guess under 3 min per piece. If we know the cutting speed for that cardboard and the PDF, Lightburn can give a time estimate.

The individual sheets will definitely be fast, but we’re still looking at many hours of machine time. 3m x 175 = 8.75 hours, that’s a long while!

I’m sure any file format issues are easily resolvable (if they show up in the first place), but the real obstacle for me isn’t technical. It’s just about finding somebody who can help me out with #1 or #2, since I can’t do it by myself yet.