Help with Material transport? DIY server rack

I’m thinking to work on making my own mini server rack ->

But I dont have a means of transporting the materials to the space, as i only have a small sedan and need a full 4’x8’ sheet of plywood.

The materials are
5x) 8’ long 2x4
4x) 6’ long 1x4 boards
4x) 8’ long door stop moldings
1x) 4’x8’ 3/4" plywood sheet

I could meet you at home depot to buy the items and have you transport them back, or you could get them and ill pay you back.

Let me know if this could be arranged. I would most likely try and do this on a Saturday morning. (I would want to try and coordinate the drop off so its not sitting around in the space waiting for me to get around to working on it)

Push come to shove i may just buy this small wall mount rack lol ->

What Saturday are you wanting to do this? I can help you transport. Feel free to message me, 512 799 8012.

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I was thinking Saturday the 16th?

Would prefer earlier in the morning if possible.

Maybe around 10 or 11?

We could discuss more in private.

(I recommend taking your cell# off unless your cool with it being public)

I would be concerned about whether that wood frame is strong enough to hold more than one or two servers. Occasionally I have seen various kinds of server racks for sale at the UT surplus auctions. The less tall racks seem to be commonly used for AV equipment. The problem with the UT auctions is that you also have to get whatever equipment has been left in the rack. If you sell the extra equipment on eBay, that would would be likely to cover the purchase price.

Those numbers for a cabinet seem awfully high. A cab on Alibaba is really no more than $200.

CAUTION: Alibaba link. Browse with appropriate levels of ad blockers

Sure, it’s probably pure Chinesium metal–but it’s likely going to be quite a bit sturdier than plywood without significant reinforcement. Smaller ones are about $100.

If you want something a touch more reputable (maybe), Altex has an 18U-type wall mount for $400:

??? The frame for the wood cabinet is made from 2x4’s not plywood, the plywood is just a cover.

I agree this will be a bit more expensive than an open air rack, but I’m wanting an enclosed rack for security purpose.

For its size for an enclosed rack it’s not a bad deal I think.

It can also be made to mount things from the back side should you be using shorter racks and not reach the other side. (Havent worked with server racks before, not sure how common that is)

I would check out auction houses. Such as slapsale and swico. They generally have racks for bidding.

Happy to help as well, own a large pickup truck, feel free to DM on here if you need me!

A plywood cabinet build (internal frame notwithstanding) using tapped rails sounds more like a “studio rack” than a “server rack” to me.

basic example:
fancy example:

Audio-grade racks are usually less sturdy in general than datacenter stuff. Audio gear is a lot less dense.

Full-depth server racks do have mounts on both sides, and they usually use stronger rails with square punch-outs into which cage nuts are installed. This way, if you strip a hole you can just replace the nut. Pull-out server slides attach at the front and back and often snap directly into the square holes without needing screws.

DIYing a studio rack becomes more cost-effective the nicer you want it to be. building your own cabinet with veneer plywood and finishing it nicely probably wouldn’t cost any more than commercial foil-finish particleboard.

Yeah, that would be a better description, this would be a studio rack, for me to mount a few small projects. Would like it to look nice in the living room, and not have guests mess with the insides.

Thinking to add a bay for mounted Pi’s, power UPS, and a computer.

If you have already determined the dimensions of your rack, you would be able to figure out what size pieces you would need. You could then just have home depot cut the wood ideally in half or whatever dimension that is feasible to fit in your car? Then when you are at the shop cut the pieces down into the exact pieces the project calls for. Just trying to offer alternate solutions should there come a time when someone wouldn’t be available to assist.

Thanks for the suggestion, If i wouldn’t have been able to coordinate a drop off i was going to consider having them cut it.

Would be cool if you could just give them a cut list and have them do all the cutting for ya.

If you ask nicely, and the store’s slow, they’ll usually make whatever cuts you want. I’ve had a sheet of plywood parted out in Home Depot before. They don’t guarantee their measurements but in practice they’re usually pretty accurate.

Id feel guilty having them do that, but it would make things a heck of a lot easier,

could have them cut like a half inch extra, so you could trim it more exactly.

Don’t feel too guilty - it’s surely more fun to use the power tools than sweep floors or face shelves or whatever else they get stuck doing when it’s slow :slight_smile:

I have also brought a cordless circular saw with me and cut up sheets of plywood in the parking lot. You might get some weird looks, but it gets the job done.

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Fine Lumber charges $45 an hour (at least it used to be), and can cut up plywood on a CNC panel saw. Dead nuts accurate, and better plywood. I have a couple of builds that I have done that way, before joining Hackerspace. A couple of panels won’t be an hour.

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I have also brought a cordless circular saw with me and cut up sheets of plywood in the parking lot. You might get some weird looks, but it gets the job done.

that’s brilliant. so much better than anxiously driving down the freeway with 4’x8’ sheets strapped to the roof of a ford fiesta…

Thank you everybody for your help and offers to help with this project it is very much appreciated and helped this project go very smoothly.

Still need to add some clear panels for the doors but it’s done enough to start installing equipment.

More than enough room for my 1 dozen pi’s lol

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@Tookys I was looking at the picture above and your other post about the Pi’s and started thinking that is a huge rack for those small servers.

Yes it is a comically huge rack. May add more to it in the future.

Thinking to add another computer in there while I’m at it, along with a router and a UPS