Help with a part

Hi all,

I’m working with Eric to get trained in the machine shop as soon as I can, but it might still be a bit before that happens. In the meantime, I have a part that I’d love to get my hands on soon, and I was wondering if someone might be able to help me out. I believe it should be fairly simple to make, other than that it’s made of 316L steel.

I’ve attached a pic of it, and I can send over the fusion file. Outside diameter is 0.65" and height is 0.4", with a 1/4" bore and 3/32" triangular hole pattern on the perimeter. I have 0.75" stock and the drill and tap for the set screw hole, along with 1/4" and 3/32" cobalt steel bits if needed (they don’t need to be reamed). I also have a 1/4" external grooving tool that could make quick work of it in theory, although I’m not sure if the lathe in the shop can handle that on 316L or not.

I would check in @Andres79? I’m working on the the tailstock for the lathe. I should be done tomorrow?

Hi @mkmiller6 If you would like, as soon as the lathe is up and operational we can synch up and you could give me the stock so I can make a practice part for myself to see what best are the steps to take to make it and then I can show you how to make your own. Would this be something you are interested in? As far as machining 316L stainless goes on our lathe I personally have never done it but I have worked with log grade carbon steels and have produced parts like these:

Let me know if this plan interests you. Also what tolerances are you looking for?



Nice work @Andres79. The tail stock has been reinstalled and aligned.

@Andres79 That would be awesome! I could meet up most times this weekend other than Saturday evening, or any evening next week except Tuesday. As far as tolerances, they’re pretty large. I don’t have any exact numbers, but basically just need to fit the part onto a 1/4” shaft and be able to remove it without too much difficulty.

Ok so I’ll be in touch on Sunday but as for the time I’ll let you know because I’m still trying to schedule activities for that day. Good?

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