Help with a 3D Print

I’m looking for some help with a 3D printing project. Printing a prototype to be more specific. I have designed the item already although I don’t know if the design will print well as-is or if it will need some refinement.

So I’m looking for someone that can print the item but also potential help me through any issues that might come up due to my lack of experience designing things.

If this is something you might be interested in helping with, please let me know how much you charge or we can discuss your fee after talking over the details.

I haven’t printed anything at Asmbly (as I have my own printers) but I believe I have good enough experience with 3D CAD and printing.

I can try to help you if you want.

Send the file to I can take a look. I have some 3d printers idle at the moment. I can also give some pointers

Thank you for offering to help! I don’t actually have a membership to Asmbly so that’s no problem at all. I just asked on IG if there was a way to ask members for help and they suggested posting here.

Can you email me at I’d be happy to send you the file I have and then you can let me know what you would charge to print it.

Thanks again!

Thanks Joe! I’m going to see if Lagnajeet is able to help first. I’ll send you an email if I need anything. Thanks so much!