Help us get 100 subscribers on YouTube!

I was just looking at our YouTube channel and trying to customize our URL, but one of the requirements for doing so is to have 100 subscribers which we do not :cry:

We’re not too far away though and with your help we can easily get there! Will you subscribe to Asmbly’s YouTube channel? Pretty please with a cherry on top :pray: :cherries:

Also, if you haven’t seen the awesome new quick tutorials that were added recently you should check them out! These are the start of an ongoing series that will serve as useful references to different tools around the shop. Huge shoutout to @stepho @Maz and @cfstaley for their work on these!


I was not aware of a YouTube page, now I know. Sub’d


Thanks all! We’re only 14 subscribers away from that custom URL! :awesome:

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10 people away, I had some people subscribe


I just subscribed. That should make 94.


Thank you all! We only need 1 more subscriber now! Who wants to be lucky number 100? :awesome:

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Looks like I was the lucky one :grinning:



Looks like it needs to bake a bit or something, the custom URL field hasn’t shown up yet, but we meet all the criteria now so I’ll update it soon and bug Google if it doesn’t show up tomorrow. Thank you all!!!

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FYI, the YouTube backend finally opened up to let us get the custom link (to be fair, I haven’t been checking as regularly the past week or two). We now have Asmbly Makerspace - YouTube (Discourse really wants to make it a pretty link :joy:). Thanks all who subscribed and helped us get there!


… we should probably update that Tarkin video with some of the 2x lumber cuts. 3/4" plywood doesn’t look as impressive as it used to :slight_smile:


I was not able to enable notifications because ~ “This action is turned off for content made for kids”

Interesting, good to know! Out of curiosity, does it still tell you that? I just fixed the two videos I found that were labeled “made for kids.”

It still doesn’t allow to get notifications. It’s actually on the Asmbly Makerspace channel page. Does anyone else get that message when you “hit the bell” on Asmbly’s page?

I did try in another browser after clearing cache but I suppose this could be one of those settings that takes 24 hours to update all nodes.

Ah OK, I think I found it this time. There was a different general setting buried in another place. It should be fixed now.

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At first it didn’t work so I tried the hard refresh, different browser, etc. Turns out I needed to unsubscribe then re-subscribe.

Now I’m able to get notifications. You handled it very quickly! Thank you

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Wooo! Thanks for mentioning it and helping me troubleshoot so quickly :grin:

I think we should set a new goal - say 300 subscribers. It may not unlock any new features, but I think it’s worth trying to grow the channel. I’m willing to help with new content.

That would be great! What do you have in mind? I’ll DM you about finding a time to meet up this week or next

164 right here.

I’ll be training on the resin 3D printers this Saturday from 1:30 to 4:30. I could meet shortly after that if it’s convenient. Also I tend to come in Sunday afternoons (as you saw), although not this Sunday.

I see that there are a few videos up now, but nothing more recent than 3 months or so ago. I think we should aim for a new video each month, each in one of 3 areas - new equipment (that seems to be happening a lot right now), people’s projects and interviews with leaders of Asmbly. Each would be around 3 minutes. I have some video equipment and can edit at home. I would need help coordinating with people to schedule interviews and filming.

I think aiming for once a month would let the channel grow with regular updates but be relaxed enough that there wouldn’t be too much stress about finding topics and people to fill out the year.

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