Help! Tormach refresher and making some washers

Heya, I have to manufacture two small non-turn washers for my bike.

While I’ve done all the machine shop courses I think I’m a bit rusty. Can I ask if anyone has time and interest to help me out? Happy to pay some beer money for the time as well. Also, if you have stock I could use that would be great. I imagine any metal/steel would be ok.


Do you have the CAD file of what you need to make?

Hi Josh! thanks for replying. I do not have it modeled… yet… But it wouldn’t take me long to whip it up in Fusion, would that be as good as CAD? I’ll have a go tonight and get back to you.

Yes, Fusion is what I had in mind.

If you guys meet up to walk through doing this on the Tormach, I’d love to shadow - I’ve also been trained on the machine, but could use a refresher.