Help! Some other question for the Core Volunteers!

Have a question or concern to put to the core volunteers that doesn’t go somewhere else? Post it here.

Topics that have a better venue:

  • Email for anything that should only be visible to the directors, or that only concerns you (billing problems), or for any reason might not be best done on an open forum
  • Maker Help for technical help with a project
  • The right “Space Team” room to report a problem with a machine or ask a question about its operation
  • Workings of the Space for things that would well be discussed by the community and the core volunteers

If you’re still not sure: no worries, make your best guess — a mod can re-home your question.

Need any help with the new website? Used to work as a software engineer and would love to help the space out/keep my skills sharp.


Tucker, sorry this few under our radar. We’re having an IT meeting tonight if this gets to you in time, but there will be lots more to do, we’ll get in touch.

No worries! Do let me know if you guys need any help.