Help print and cut checklists for new members

We get a lot of the same questions from new members during the onboarding process, so we’d like to start passing these little checklists out at the Facility & Safety Tour to help remind new members what they need to do to get fully set up. Can someone print a bunch of these and cut them so they are ready to go for tour facilitators? Link to pdf here

CCing people who lead the tours and orientations so they are in the loop on this new thing – @wynd @cfstaley @wdnatx @Stephen-L-M @r1b4z01d @gordoa40 @Joshcross @gmossessian @doug.squires – if y’all think of something that you think should be added to this, let me know! Trying to keep it short and sweet.

I think that looks great! One thing I might add is how to gain access/use Skedda? I’m not sure where the invite link to that is sent to new members, but a refresher could be useful.

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Ah yes, I was thinking the Skedda part ought to be on there as well. Do you think the reminder at the bottom explains it well enough or should I change that up?

Yep, looks perfect!

I can print and cut a bunch of theses today. I will drop them off at the space later today.

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@valerie The file is shared a view only. Can you open it up so I can download/print it?

Shouldn’t purchasing the membership come before the facility and safety tour? I thought thats what Openpath required to kick on (to be a member before signing the last waiver).

@bdwg from my experience giving the tours some people want to see the space before commiting.

@r1b4z01d that sounds perfectly logical

Oops, should work now. Let me know if it still gives you trouble. Thank you @r1b4z01d!

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Now that our access system is linked to our member management system, it’s less of a deal for people to have purchased membership prior to the tour. We used to give out physical fobs at the tour that were pre-activated, so that’s why it was more important in the past. Gotta make sure people are paying before we give 'em keys to the kingdom :wink:

@valerie that worked. I printed and cut 120 of them. That should hold us over for a little bit. I will drop them off tonight.

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Excellent, thank you so much @r1b4z01d!!!

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