Help laser cutting for Texas Woodworking Festival

I got a bunch of stuff laser cut for Texas Woodworking Festival this weekend but it would be great to have some more keychains. There is a file, settings, and a piece of wood sitting on the desk for the blue laser. Anyone have time this week and willing to help? I’d greatly appreciate it! I’d guess it’s around 1-1.5 hr print time.

I can cut them. I’ll be up there tomorrow.

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Awesome, thanks @tomthm!

Are you able to send the OpenPath invite to me. I signed the waiver a while back, and pain via Neon on Friday.

Your profile shows you have OpenPath setup. You can email if it’s giving you trouble in some way, but on our end it shows you have an active ID assigned.

Oh cool. Thanks for your help.

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The final cut didn’t go all the way through on some parts of some of the keychains. I tried to just run the red layer again, but the PC locked when I exited the print configuration. I’ll do a little cleanup by and and bring them up Thursday, probably in the am. Will that work?

Ah darn, sorry about that! I should have made sure I had those settings better dialed in. Thursday sounds great, thank you!

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Hey @tomthm did you by chance drop those off at the space somewhere? I’m here now for a little bit doing some last minute lasering.

Thought I replied but looks like not. I lasered some today, most of the others didn’t cleanup too well. I’ll drop of 36 of them at the show in the morning.

OK no problem, thanks Tommy that will be great! I’ll be sure to bring the hardware for them.