Help hauling a sheet of plywood from Austin Fine Lumber?

Hey all! Myself and my lady are new members here.

We have some cabinetry plans for the woodshed that we want to get to work on next month.

Our only problem is that we have cars. Is there anyone in the community who’s got a truck who’d be down to help bring a piece or two of plywood from Austin Fine Lumber? We’re happy to pay for the trouble if needed.

Alternatively, I’m not sure if we can have a couple rough cuts made at AFL? There wasn’t anyone around to ask questions to when we went there.

Any help or info is appreciated. Thanks!

Are you talking about Fine Lumber and Plywood, near the space? If so, then yeah they’ll definitely do a couple of cuts for you, on boards or sheets. If I don’t need the full length of the board or area of the sheet to be intact, that’s what I do to bring material over. I don’t have a truck so can’t help you out unfortunately, but welcome to the space!

Yes, that’s the place. Thanks for the info.

Or bring a cordless circular saw and break down your sheet(s) in the parking lot :slight_smile:

I always have them break boards down for me. It free for a few cuts per board.

Be sure to cut them large, panel saws aren’t super forgiving.

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I have a truck and am up at the space pretty frequently. I’m happy to pick up your sheet good. Feel free to give me a call and we can work out the details.


Thanks Clay!

I think we’ll look into the option of getting rough cuts made at the store. That should work fine for us.

I’ll hit you up if that doesn’t work out for some reason. Thanks for the offer!

@rrs can I ask what kind of plywood you’re thinking of using?

I’ve gone through about 15 sheets from them and may be able to help provide some guidance.

Unsure. We walked through a month ago or so and I wasn’t sure what kind of wood we were going to use yet.

We decided red oak, and as I recall they had 1 (or maybe 2?) 3/4” ply options.

But I don’t recall specifically.

Throw out any thoughts though, and I’ll see what they have when we go to buy.