Help finding EPDM gasket

Looking for gasket material for the CNC vacuum table. Hoping to source something here in town. Anyone have recommendations?

Grainger stocks 10’ and 25’ pieces but not at research blvd. Earliest you could pick up is Friday. Longer lengths are drop-ship.

Damn, do you have a listing. I went by the Hwy 71 store and they couldnt even find a listing.

Isn’t this it?|1%2F4+in+%3A+0.25+in|1%2F4+in+%3A+0.275+in&filters=attrs%2CshopItemsBy&shopItemsBy=In+Stock+Now

100% is. Thanks. I actually asked them to search for EPDM gasket or seal, they didn’t find it though.

Have you looked at weatherstripping at Lowe’s or The Homeless Despot?

@LoboFPV I did check there first. Nothing fit the bill. I was able to get some ordered though, from a company called Austin Seal.

Cool, I will check out Austin Seal. I often find local stock limited, at the box stores.

@jamesfreeman, Is this something we’ll need for our use of the Big Laguna CNC? Bri

It is. I have some ordered for tomorrow.

Not something we need individually. Just something needed for the general setup.

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