Help cutting oval holes into 1/8 steel C channel

I have some C channel that I want to cut some holes in to inlay into a large slab table for support. I would like a center hole and then to mill cut holes along the bar stock. Any ideas on how to make this work with the equipment we have?

Something like this ^^
Thank you

If you want the same slot holes. You can use the Rongfu Mill if you have taken the class. You would need a metal cutting carbide endmill. Lock down the other axis that is not moving to increase rigidity. Figure out the feeds and speeds.

Great thanks I’ll go look for the class

What’s the name of the class?

If you need it sooner. You could contract someone at the space or a small shop to cut it . The class is called Intro to Metal Machining.

In my experience, the slots aren’t absolutely necessary. An 1/8th inch of movement should be plenty. I over drill my holes by that, and use a washer under the screw head to make up the gap. I think the slots allow more error when drilling the holes in the wood.

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Intro to machining. I will post another class for next week probably

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Is there a place where we post contract work requests? Sorry I tried the search function and no luck.

In most instances I agree but in this particular case I have tables that are between 44 and 60 inches wide. Using the dimensional change coefficient, the differences in humidity and the width of the board I am getting a larger number than 1/8 movement. Granted I am using the extreme math and the largest differences in humidity. Also I center hole the middle bolt so that one locks in, then want to have oval holes for the bolts working out to the end. I was hoping for 1/4 in space to each side of the bolt for movement (plus the thickness of the bolt) and that gets me to over 3/4 inch in length.

We have this category here under Maker Talk/Haxor Wanted. We aspire to someday have a form on the website that anyone can fill out that posts to this category (we periodically get email requests for jobs).

I try looking for it. Thank you for your help. When I click the link it tells me the page doesnt exist or I dont have access :frowning:

Ah we must not have you marked correctly in here, that’s a members only section on the forum. I can check it tomorrow, AFK today and can’t do it from my phone.