Help curating YouTube playlists

Are you a fan of watching maker YouTube videos? Help us curate helpful YouTube playlists so we can provide good references on various tools and trades we have at Asmbly. It would be awesome to have a “Basics” playlist for all the different areas/specialties of the shop, as well as good software tutorials, and more advanced topics. So far we just have a Woodworking Basics and Laser Cutting Basics playlist.

What videos should we add?

A how-to video for each tool (wood cnc, and tormach should have a series). The 3d printers should each have their own video because they work differently.

Project videos would also be a great add on

Yes, most definitely! Do you have any specific videos to recommend for any of these?

Just copy and Paste all of TeachingTech’s videos for 3d printing lol. I’ve used so many of his videos to help me along with my printers it’s not even funny.

for non YT links I’d suggest making this also apart of the 3d printing…curriculum??
3d Printer Calibration

Jointer intro Courtesy of Stumpy Nubs Jointer intro