Help cleaning up an svg file

if someone would be willing to fix this svg file I have I would absolutely pay you for your time. It’s a pain for me to get files made since I only have a mac.

The file I have is 95% complete I just need to adjust some inserts o fit my 3/4 inch plywood (really about .684 inches) I can send you the file and walk you through everything I need done. If it’s easier for you we can also do it at the maker space. Let me know!

Patrick, I’m a Mac user and editing SVGs doesn’t have to be an issue.

In the browser you can use TinkerCAD (free) and Boxy-SVG ($10).
In the CNC world you can use Carbide Create (free) for SVG editing.
My personal preference is Serif’s Affinity Designer ($54) software.

There are options galore … even Corel Draw has a Mac version now.

CNC software isn’t nearly as abundant on the Mac but graphic software is.


Interesting. Thanks for the heads up.

One more vector editor to add to the list is Vectr, a free online option: