Help calibrating 3D printer - Artillery Sidewinder X2

Hey Guys,

I have an artillery sidewinder x2 at home and am running into a lot of issues trying to get a calibrated print out of it, if there is someone who can help out would be much appreciated.

I have exhausted all avenues, forums, replaced the ABL sensor (known to be a common issue). Not sure if it is a user error at this point or something I am missing.

What firmware are you running @sheikebab ?

What symptoms are you having?

Hey Guys,

@Devmani I am running the stock firmware will pull the version and let you know later today, have not updated the firmware.

@HannaKessler not able to get a good first layer print and then the prints become a plastic ball of death if I dont stop them. I feel like I am missing something very simple but am not able to narrow down it by rules of elimination. Have tried everything from replacing the ABL, switched out the springs to silicone inserts to avoid any modification on the bed level. Tried manual leveling and printing without the mesh, tried various profiles and settings for the first layer but it can never stick properly.

Sounds to me like your z offset is too high

Well if you want to bring the printer to the space you me day I can take a look with you. Like @HannaKessler said sounds like z-offset so after you adjust that and check if you still have issues we can figure out a meet up.

Thanks @Devmani , let me know what is a good time and I will coordinate with you.

I have tried everything with the z offset, will try once again to make sure, But I could be setting the value incorrectly as well.

So this is what I do for z-offset; I use a piece of paper to get close to where I need to be (the routine z-offset calibration), then I take that piece of paper, fold it in half, and try to slide it under the nozzle. When folded over, it shouldn’t be able to slide between the nozzle and the bed but unfolded, it should.

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Have you checked that the cam v-wheel tensioners are tight? If not, leveling by the book can be performed but it will still show the same prob as an unleveled bed

We did have a cr10 that arrived without the cam tensioned properly and prints displayed the defects associated with an unlevel bed. We got in a loop of trying to perform the leveling “the right way” until realizing this was not the problem

Basically you’re just looking for any play in the carriage on the rail. If it can’t rock around this probably isn’t the issue. Over tensioning the bearings will cause new problems

For the z offset, I have been using a 0.2mm feeler gauge, I tried a lot with a piece of paper but kept getting sub optimal prints.

I have not yet played around with the tension on the v-wheels. Is there a recommended process I should follow for tensioning these correctly?