Having trouble logging into Neon

Is there a specific procedure for getting access to Neon. the password and email address I use for discourse and skedda is not recognized either through the link in the recent email regarding the upcoming meeting or through the Neon log in on the website. any help is appreciated.

Eric Kauifman

I figured it out from the link on the announcement for the members meeting.

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Sorry I didn’t see this sooner @EAK58, but glad you were able to figure it out! Unfortunately, we don’t have SSO so Discourse, Skedda, and Neon are all separate logins at this time. Each one should have a password reset option on the login page if you ever have trouble signing in.

Thanks Valerie. In trying to get into Neon I found the log-in path for members that you sent in the email about the meeting. I was a little surprised that I had not heard about having to re-establish auto pay and re-enter credit card information. Who do I talk to if payment ends up being taken out twice?

Ah yes, that’s noteworthy for us to point out more explicitly. It is a completely new system and we don’t have access to member’s card info in Freshbooks, so that is something that people will have to re-enter.

treasurer@atxhs.org can fix any mishaps should they occur, but I just paused your recurring invoice in Freshbooks so there shouldn’t be any double billing. If you do see any issues, just shoot Billy (treasurer) an email and he’ll get it corrected.

Thank you!

Hi, Valerie Thanks for all your help. It turns out I did get double billed. Is there a listing anywhere of the officers and their emails? I don’t know how Billy signs onto Discourse, or his last name so. I am not sure how to find his email.

Also, I am having some trouble with identity thieves and, now will need to update my account with a new credit card. I would like to be able to switch credit cards for the continuing billing without having to sign up as a member again.
Even with all my questions, I want you all to know I am so grateful for all the work that is being done to keep us up-to-date. Thanks to you and everyone else.


You’re very welcome Eric and thanks for the extra thanks on our efforts to keep everyone in the loop. It’s a lot of work to keep up with and knowing it’s appreciated means a lot.

I looked in Freshbooks and the last time you were billed there was November 1. If you can verify your address and email, I can send you a screenshot of your invoice records in Freshbooks to show you.

Couple quick screenshots to show you where to find things (I’m a visual person so that’s easier to me) –
On our new main website atxhs.org, the menu item on the right “Members” has quick links to your member portal in Neon, the wiki (previously used as the main website), Skedda for scheduling time at the space, and Discourse.

On the wiki, you can always see the current board members and their email addresses under People/Our Board Members (direct link here).

Neon (the new membership platform) allows you to manage your info and membership directly through your member portal. After you log in, select “My Membership” from the dropdown menu. On this page you will see your current membership at the top. Click where it says “Edit” to update your card information.

If you have any problems getting into your Neon account, you should be able to reset your password using the forgot password link.

Thank you. I found the current membership, and I think I understand that page well enough. The problem is that I am not a new member. the old system was operating at the same time as Neon. I was billed in the old system and in the new system. I did not see any option to switch to Neon other than to simply sign up. By doing so, I overlapped payments in the same month, ending up with two payments that overlap. I should have tried to sync payments, but I wanted to register in Neon before the official switchover. I find it a bit troubling that there seems to be no indication in Neon as to when someone became a Hackerspace member if it was before we started using Neon. That could be a problem if we ever want to do any metrics that compare the activity of newer members to long term members. Again thanks for the help. I will try to resolve the billing problem with the treasurer.