Have you shared our GoFundMe yet?

Friendly reminder that we’ve got some huge improvements lined up for the space if we can meet our fundraising goals to make it happen! Check out the fundraiser – here – and see the list of items we’re aiming to add/improve through this campaign. If you have the means to make a financial contribution, that is deeply appreciated. You can also make a huge impact by simply sharing this fundraiser with other people. Extra props if you include why it matters to you!


Here’s the latest update I just posted with a sneak peak at what our new laser room will look like https://charity.gofundme.com/fundraiser/campaign-updates/2681952#!/status/3


@valerie the renderings look great! Everyone please share. Think about not hearing machinery run when you are trying to zen out on the laser. Also it will be cleaner which is good for the lasers. A well thought out purpose built space will be nice.

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