Has anyone built cabinets or cabinet doors?

Thinking of freshening up the kitchen of a home by daughter is buying. Needs TLC.

I’ve been studying YT video for hours and days. Likely just need to build new doors, sand the bases, and repaint all.

I’ve been building cabinets for my house for two years (in between work).
Happy to help in anyway you need.


My very first thought when reading your response was “Oh My Gosh, two years on cabinets.” Maybe I’m biting off more than I can chew…

But I do appreciate your offer. Once I know my daughter’s priorities, if those include cabinets, I may have some questions.

Here’s one: is there a good source of hardwood, plywood, and mdf/hdf you’d recommend?

Thanks, Jim

Two years on a two week project. My failures aren’t the cabinets fault.

Depending on the style you’re going for
plywood (look for combi-core where possible.

Dakota Hardwoods has plywood a little cheaper and a really good selection. I usually buy from Fine Plywood and Lumber though, because they’re closer to my house. Brazos carries some exotic stuff.

MDF will make a nice painted cabinet. You can buy that from any of the above stores as well. Or even Lowe’s/Home Depot

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Thanks. I’m planning to update the kitchen look by sanding and painting the old cabinets and creating new doors with hidden hinges. All painted surfaces.

Thanks for providing the Austin wood product sources. Exactly what I need.

By hidden hinges I assume you mean Euro Hinges. I recommend soft-close hinges. You need to know the overlap distance of the doors to the frame before buying them.

Looking at the image you posted, there are some really wide doors there. I would recommend creating double doors for openings over 24 inches. Wide doors tend to warp.

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+1 on soft close hinges. And figuring out the gaps to get the right hinges is A Whole Thing™️, but worth the time. Folks at Rockler were helpful to me when I was buying soft close replacements for mine

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Euro Hinges, yes!
I love the suggestion to split the wide doors. [I think the 3D pic capture makes the cabinets appear overly large. They are standard cabinet boxes.]
That would really modernize the look. Soft closes are a must if new hinges are being installed, agreed.

Is Rockler a store or a manufacturer (or both)? Did you receive online help or at a local store?

Local shop! Of a larger chain, that is. North end of town in the La Frontera shopping area. Where I-35 and 45 cross.

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I believe Rockler also carries the jig to help drill the holes in the doors correctly, but @David can probably shed more light on that (?)

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Rockler has a display of all types of hinges drawers so you can see how they are mounted and the resultant appearance. They also have several jigs to mount hinges, knobs and pulls. We have a new member who is making kitchen cabinets if I see them I can put you in contact.

CSH hardware may have good prices on the hinges once you decide which you need. Play with the case quantities. If you go online, read the description some come with screws included some don’t. Rockler is not the only one that has jigs or the bit to cut the holes, home depot and other places have them and you can make your own. Plenty of YT videos to figure out kind of door and how to make the jig. Most cabinets are overlay door, just different gaps (1/4 - 1/2 over the frame opening). If youre painting MDF is the way to go and spend your money on the finish.


@JOSEGAYTAN - I do always love it when you drop in resources and perspectives! Thank you!

Thanks, David

Thanks very much. Yes, I’m far down the YT rabbit hole on kitchen cabinet related videos!

Dakota and fine lumber also sell hinges and hardware, though I don’t know specifically what kind there is just someone buying some every time I’m in there

I’ve made a dozen or so cabinets using large CNCs and Mozaik, software that is on at least one computer at Asmbly.

The doors I have made were plywood slabs and faux shaker, where the CNC pockets a rectangle out of the center of an MDF sheet to create the illusion of rails and stiles.

Mozaik can cut cabinet pieces (doors only) and can be dialed in to cut the pocket for a euro hinge with the overlay of your choice. I thinks this beats a Kreg by a mile.

I have 3D printed hardware jigs. I’ve heard people sing the praises of a jig like the ones Rockler or Dakota sell; I don’t know why CNC made doors/drawers (Mozaik) don’t cut hardware holes.