Has anybody solder a surface mount USBc connector?


I just ordered a few PCB boards from JLC pcb. It’s got a surface mount USB c connector(24 pins) on it. Looks like this:


Was wondering if anyone has soldered this before in the electronics room? I’ve got 5 tries left :sweat_smile:

Not this particular thing, but I have done some thru pin soldering

Having something to hold it in place while you flip it over and solder it from the other side is like the only practical way

I heated the pad/pin then fed solder into it, I generally use a high temp so I can get in and out fast

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Those kinds of SMT USB-C connectors are tricky if you aren’t using a stencil and solder paste.

My best suggestion would be to tin the pads with solder until there is a very slight pillow due to surface tension, use lots of paste flux, then put the connector down and use a heat gun to reflow it. You obviously can’t get a soldering iron on those pins as they’re almost captive.

Some of these kinds of vertical USB-C connectors have less stuff in the way of the pins. See:

However, having both rows being SMT on a USB-C connector is generally always tricky and terrible for hand work. What you probably want is something like this:

Note that has one row of SMT and one row of through hole. You can actually solder these with a soldering iron. The downside is that they almost always need a via of 0.65mm copper ring/0.40mm hole which some of the really cheap PCB services will bark at you for putting in your design.


I have tried a few times. I have failed each time.

I can do up to 0603-sized surface mount components but still can’t replace a USB C connector lol.

but if you’re up to the challenge, the electronics lab has the equipment to handle the job. I’ve successfully completed plenty of (less challenging) surface-mount soldering jobs at the space.

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