Happy belated Halloween!

Kye nudged me to share our candy chute here, I should have thought of it on Halloween!
This was our solution for social distancing, there were three homes with chutes in our neighborhood, and everyone said our was the coolest :blush:

3D printed “Drago-Rex” head https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:330859
Robbed parts: spine from a snake, and the wings from a bat
Raspberry Pi + USB sound card (can’t use built in sound w/ WS2812Bs)
WS2812B strips (6 nodes in eyes + 6 in roof of mouth)
Simple button near mouth of chute, we would just press it when we sent the candy through


So good! :lollipop: :laughing: Thanks, Jason. And for the specs – Literal spine of a literal snake?

@kye haha yeah should have clarified that they were from pre-made decorative skeletons. No snakes or bats were harmed in the making of the candy chute :wink:

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