Handy cheap tool set on Amazon

I can’t remember who I was talking to at the party about the little pouch of tools I had, but here is the Amazon listing I promised I would share. I got it on a lightning deal for a few bucks cheaper than this, but I’d pay $20 to buy it again for the amount of useful stuff it has in it – both pairs of tweezers are super sharp and good). I keep it in my workbag that I bring to the space and regularly use a bunch of these tools on my laser cutting stuff. The small cutting mat has also been surprisingly useful when I’m at my drafting table with limited space and just need to make a small cut. These tools would be useful for people doing textiles stuff and I’m sure other shop areas as well (it’s marketed as being for vinyl and other crafts).

If anyone has any other handy cheap tool sets to share, please do!

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