Group buying section

Would it serve us to have a section on discourse for group buys? I’m looking to buy some 2020 Extrusion, and I only need two pieces but sold in packs of 10 (on amazon); while it is not expensive, I don’t know if I’d have a use for eight lengths of extrusion. Other things that could do well as group buys between members would be Acrylic or filament.

What’s the community thought on a section like this?

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I’d be up for that. Even though I’m not always buying bulk, it adds up over time. Especially when buying acrylic as I rather buy full sheets.


We will likely be getting an order from Reynold’s Advanced Materials soon. Some key things they carry are silicones, polyurethane foams, pigments, and oil based clay (monster clay). There will be a shipping cost but they sell cheaper than amazon usually and you can actually purchase the bulk quantities vs only trial sizes. DM me if you want in on the buy.


I buy a few sheets a month, down for acrylic orders

Here you go!



@njinuity is there a company you typically like to use for acrylic?

I go to Lance at Allied. When I first got to Austin I gave all of them a call, Laird said they “mainly sell to businesses”, Regal said to come in and when I went in they kept asking me for my business info and “we don’t carry that color.” Lance gave me the least trouble although it was slightly awkward at first. He’s willing to order samples or get me what I want.

I also asked what the cost for 1/8th black gloss and they were all comparable for a sheet.

Alright cool, I usually deal with Piedmont Plastics as their customer service has been pretty good and they always seem eager to help me out.

Is there one locally?

I have a chinese alibaba that I use for mirrors bc mirror acrylic is super expensive here if i can afford the lead time. Not sure if we’re going that size of group order though.

I think Houston is the closest location, but the shipping is fast.

How bad is shipping? I am considering this to find cheaper suppliers

FYI, if you want to deal with suppliers that don’t sell to the public you can get yourself an EIN for a sole proprietorship, which means you won’t need an LLC and you’ll have yourself a business tax ID. The reason these businesses don’t deal with the public isn’t because they’re too snooty, it’s because they don’t have the systems in place to collect and remit sales tax.

sometimes it is that they’re too snooty tho lol.

Well sometimes, but I’ve never had an issue. Just make up a business name if they keep insisting. You can run into issues with minimum order quantity though. You may not be worth their time if you plan to buy one thing every few months.