Grizzly Bandsaw

The new tires for the Grizzly bandsaw have arrived. We will install it this weekend. Eventually it will be set up as the re saw bandsaw. The power has been setup for it recently. We are looking at a good fence to purchase for re sawing.

I think it might be be slightly better at re sawing because it has a larger diameter wheel which imparts a little less stress to the blade. The larger circumference of the blade will allow more time for the blade to cool per revolution.


There is also a small issue with the guide going up and down, probably just needs some set screws tightened and cleaned up/lubricated

The bandsaw tires have been installed. Thank you to @EricP and @wdnatx for ordering the resaw fence and blades. The saw should be up and going this weekend

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Awesome! Thanks everyone!

If someone has the time and experience it would be great to see a one page use manual with pictures of how to set up the bearing block etc for re-sawing properly. Also links to some helpful youtube videos.

I can Print/laminate and place on the machine if someone will create the content.

Thanks, Eric
Director of Facilities

The resaw fence has been installed. The new blade is in and everything is tuned up.

We (@EricP, @cfstaley) did 3 cuts to dial in a few things. Happy and Safe cutting

I was told there was an issue with the Grizzly bandsaw. If someone is there and can turn it on to verify if the motor is running smoothly. That would be great. If not I will come look at it tomorrow morning.

@JoeN, I think the bandsaw is generally fine. I was in the Woodworking class yesterday with @mrflip and the right guide was really tight against the blade. I know everyone has different preferences on tuning their bandsaws. I typically have a dollar bill width away from the blade and my guides unless they’re ball bearing wheels. I believe someone was using it yesterday and it was working fine besides the noise from rubbing the guide.

@Ba-lakeh thank you for the information. I thought the motor was running at half power. Thanks again.