Grizzly Bandsaw Blade

I came into work on a lighting issue and noticed the band saw blade was broken and a defective sticker place on the cutting surface. Next time if the blade breaks for something is broken about the saw or any tool for that matter please message workshop group Here. The maintenance team would like a heads. That is all. There is a new blade installed and we need to order a new blade @EricP

Hi Joe,

Sorry about that I was going to send a message when it broke but couldn’t access it from my phone at the moment.
I’m not sure exactly what happened but the blade started vibrating and got then caught in the bottom door which broke it instantly.
Thank you for changing the blade.

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Ok. cool. I think we need to change the bottom tire. I wonder if that is causing the issue you described.

From one “space cadet” to the others… :wink:

I announced to Eric yesterday I attempted to saw through a rock embedded in a block of wood. The saw didn’t like that. It threw the blade and made lots of noise. The tire came off the drive lower wheel. I removed the blade and it is hanging on the machine. There is no danger to anyone trying to use it: no blade to use.

The tire(s) need to be replaced with factory compatible tires and of course the blade installed. Eric and Joe are aware of the situation as of 11/21/2020. I’d be happy to work on it but once a new blade arrives it’s easy to install. The tires are more involved. I changed out one on my bandsaw and the instructions recommended putting the tire in hot water to soften it and make it a little stretchy. Installation is straightforward with access to hot water.

@David78737 came in and changed the bottom tire on the grizzly bandsaw. He also cleaned the table saw. The dust impacted the ability for the saw to be easily raised and lowered. Thank you David!