Grizzly Band Saw [Red Tagged]

I’m taking down the bandsaw for a few days. The blade support is not functioning correctly. I’m also removing the plug so people are not tempted to just turn it on.

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Turns out the blade guide bearing is trashed. There is a new on one order. The worm gear is loosening up even though I pressed it tightly into place. That will require further investigating.


Hi Joe, any news on this? is there an ETA for this being back in service?

I got the new bearings. The worm gear for some reason keeps loosening up even after tightening it with a hydraulic press. The stop collar that holds the bushing tight is not doings its job. I’m ordering a new stop collar and set screw. If that that fails. Last resort is I will tack weld it.

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I installed the new stop collar. The bushing that holds the shaft is worn and will not stay tight. I will use some bearing glue and get it stable. We will need to order some replacement parts. The bearing glue will hold till we can get a new one.

After looking up the replacement parts. The new bushing is threaded and captured by a nut instead of a press fit.

@EricP You were right the worm shaft is bent


The old parts have been fixed temporarily till the new parts arrive. The saw is functioning properly

Also did an adjustment on the Rikon. It cutting well

I was only able to get the saw up to the top of the fence on the grizzly. will the new parts help the blade guard go higher up for resawing?

The bearing glue helped make the tolerance tighter for the bushing. I don’t know when the parts will arrive. It has been ordered as of last week. I will post as the parts arrive.