Great job on the Makers Market!

I’d like to congratulate everyone involved in putting on the makers market. The shop looked great, the products available were amazing, and the atmosphere was wonderful.

I know a lot of hard work went into this, and it showed. 5 stars.


Thank you @stepho!! It seemed everyone was all smiles today :blush: Looking forward to day 2 and tacos!


Agreed! Thanks for putting on this event! I’m sad I won’t be able to show off my wares today, but appreciate the opportunity to be a part of Saturday!

Also, shoutout to @AndrewLang, I picked up this beauty from him at the market and it’s spectacular and fits my space and style perfectly!


This weekend was so wonderful, thank you all for working so hard to have amazing products to showcase and a sparkly clean shop to show them in! Really amazing event and turnout for the first year ever doing it. We had a few outside vendors to help fill up the space and they said it was better than a lot of the markets they’ve done so hats off to everyone that contributed to making that happen.

If you have pictures or video from the event, please add them to this Google Drive folder here! We’ll have some awesome event recap videos and the more footage to use the better!


Also, if you are into it and want one, please feel free to grab one of the Asmbly Christmas tree ornaments on the side table next to the MC desk! There are lots of variations, these are a few:

Vendors, want to make sure y’all get one if you’re interested! @cfstaley @JCicolani @SavHarvey @tomthm @csader @lagnajeet @Boblevitus @gordoa40 @SteveW @mazsalimi @AndrewLang @CLeininger @Caroline @HannaKessler @JOSEGAYTAN @Sarah @Allzman @cbdxfounder