Good places to buy hardwoods

With Fine Lumbers reduced hours, does anyone have recommendations for other good places to buy hardwoods?

Brazos forest products and Dakota hardwoods are both options, but further south. Harvest lumber co occasionally has some dimensioned material for sale. There are a couple of mom and pop operations running material out of their barns that I’ll try and track down info for.

Other (farther away) options would be Berdoll Sawmill or TX Urban Sawmill (though, personally, I wouldn’t recommend them). April Wilkerson was getting The Wood Shed to be a place that sold slab material and limited dimensional lumber, but I don’t know if covid has delayed that. She’s in Fischer, near Canyon Lake.

This Old Wood is real close, but only sells reclaim material as far as I am aware.


This is awesome information thank you so much!

A couple other options, if you’re looking for slabs. Hahn and Hahn in Red Rock, mostly mesquite and cedar. Also Blackhawk Millworks, they’re selection is amazing, and most boards come surfaced already.

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Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace (better choice) have a lot of lumber, especially live edge slabs of our local trees (walnut, cedar, sycamore, pecan, maple, box elder, elm) are really big. Lotta sellers competing. Austin Fine Lumber doesn’t carry the live edge slabs like that. The local guys- the slabs are not super cheap, but they are still economical and people pay big dollars for custom tables made with them. You can flatten slabs on the CNC router, up to 5x8. Also, a lot of that is a good thickness for turning on a lathe.


Not local but if you want good prices and have a pickup truck, Central Hardwoods in Dallas has very good prices. Just a precaution, their rough lumber is exactly that, rough on all sides. Unlike Austin Fine lumber, which sells their lumber skipped planned already and calls it rough. You can get them to plane the lumber and put a straight edge on it at an additional charge per foot which may be worth it. If you want selection, Clark’s Hardwood lumber in Houston is like an encyclopedia of any kind of lumber you can think of and they have monthly specials of just arrived lumber and usually a domestic species deal. Lastly (and I can’t believe I’m saying this as I usually don’t like them) Woodcraft lately has had a good selection of short dimensional lumber at a competitive price.