Good Beginner Laser Projects

We’re sitting here staring at @valerie’s beautiful laser cut sunglasses and wondering… what are good beginner laser projects? Drop your ideas and resources here for new members!


Off the top of my head I’d say. Things that don’t require creating the designs. Start with design files that are ready to use. Some of my first projects were

Christmas ornaments: I bought some on Etsy (below) and also designed some once I was comfortable with manipulating vector graphics

Boxes and bins from the boxes py site. One of my first projects was the cell phone holder from that site. (https://boxes.hackerspace-bamberg.deChristmas ornaments

Mandalas/multi-layer the the sunglasses. you can buy some really nice design files off of Etsy. I would avoid ones that have a lot of small details for the first one. Gluing all those bits is a pain.


Not the most exciting idea, but making shelves can be highly satisfying and doesn’t take much work! That’s how I got started.

I’m a nerd, who wanted to follow all the volunteer rules, so I made myself nametags out of scrap!

I’m a dull guy so “make a custom name tag” sounds fun to me, but dog tags, gift tags, challenge coins or greeting cards are more likely to interest others, maybe?

I especially like the idea of paper craft projects where people get to see how impressive lower powered lasers can still be!

At our last party I used the laser cutters to cut characters for guests to paint