Going through old photos -- Day 1 at Dessau - Nov 16, 2012

I am cleaning out and organizing photos from my OneDrive and unexpectedly came across a bunch of photos from the very, very first day at the “new” space at Dessau when we signed the lease.

From left to right:

Martin Bogomolni, Treasurer :: Jonathan Kelly, Chairman :: Marshall Vaughan, Secretary

Back then, the deposit for the space was “only” $10,593.08 … Probably a LOT more expensive now, 10 years later! Wow… and I’m happy to see Asmbly continue being awesome, giving Makers a great place to do their thing, and the vibrant community thriving around it.


Fun, thanks for sharing!

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You’re welcome! I wish I still had some photos from the first walk-through when the building was empty. Most of the lights didn’t work though, so the ones from the back area were too dark. It shows what the community has built over time, and how AWESOME the space is now vs when we got it.