Glass syringes for electronics work

So one of the things i did when building out my little mini lab was to try to think of ways to make my life easier. I ordered these…

1ml Reusable Glass Syringe-Luer…

And let me tell you, boy do they make my life easier. I put flux in one, and 99% ipa in another, and it lets me.put them exactly where i need with a minimum of fuss or mess. Best $20 or so i ever spent.

They’re glass, and come with little caps so when youre done you can cap off the syringes and put them back in their plastic tubes, and they wont leak (though I’m not sure how the seals will fare against ipa long term, guess ill find out)

I havent tried these with acetone or other solvents, but i imagine it would work pretty well, at least in the short term.

Initially, I thought what an odd way to consume IPA. I usually drink IPAs by the pint.

Heh. I don’t recommend drinking isopropyl alcohol by the pint.

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:rofl: @LoboFPV :beers: (though I’m not an IPA fan myself)

IPA = India Pale Ale, a hoppy beer style started in the UK (United Kingdom) back in the 1800s.


IPAs can be on the bitter side, for sure. Not all IPAs taste the same, I prefer ones with more floral notes. I enjoy many varieties of Barley Pops. Now that the temps are on the rise, I tend to prefer more Belgian varieties. In the fall and Winter I shift towards Porters and Stouts.

Peace, Wolf

Interestingly, I’m a big fan of bitter (I sometimes drink mineral water with flavored bitters added), it’s more that hop flavor that has me :confounded:. I’m with you on the Belgians, Porters, and Stouts though!

I’ve been really enjoying the weird blends 903 Brewers puts out. They are in Sherman just north of Dallas. Thinking the next weekend road trip might have be up there.

Great idea!

I wouldn’t recommend using those particular ones with acetone or other more aggressive solvents though. It’s hard to tell for sure from the pics, but it looks like the plungers have simple elastomer seals. Those will be destroyed in 1 or 2 uses with acetone or most other solvents, negating the reusability aspect. You can get glass syringes with precision ground glass plungers to use with essentially any solvent you want if that’s something you’re interested in doing down the road.

Reusable glass syringe

Hmm, tell me more about the mineral water, with flavored bitters.

I will definitely check out 903, who distributes them here?

Peace, Wolf

Basically any bitters you would traditionally use in cocktails + mineral water. That’s what I consider delicious soda (I’m not much of a sweet person :rofl:).

I’ve been getting 903 at the Hancock HEB. They often have random ones in the single beer section. I always like trying new beers from there so I don’t end up with a 6 pack of something I don’t like. I imagine other HEBs probably have them as well.

Sorry to get so off topic on this thread!

Hmm, a bit pricey, but if I need to use acetone precisely at any point might be a good investment.

@LoboFPV I know, but ipa in the context I meant it was isopropyl alcohol. That said, I’m sure you could put some IPA in there too, though you’d have to refill it a lot. :slight_smile: