Giving away fabric, webbing, velcro, hardware, etc

I’m getting out of the custom needle and thread game and I’m moving to a place where I just don’t have the space to store all of this stuff. So I’m giving it away and I’m giving you guys first dibs. Here is a very basic rundown of what I have, though I may not be remembering all of it. I’m not sure how much of some of this stuff I have, but, for instance, I know I have at least 1000 yards of 1" hook and 1" loop.

  • 2" sew on hook and loop
  • 1" sew on hook and loop
  • 3/4" nylon webbing
  • 1" nylon webbing
  • 2" 5-bar polyester webbing (seatbelt)
  • 2" dual adjust side release buckles (about 100?)
  • 1" single adjust side release buckles (about 300)
  • 3/4" single adjust side release buckles (about 300)
  • 2" metal loops
  • 1" metal loops
  • 1000D Coyote color Cordura (about 30 yards)
  • 1000D Wine color Cordura (about 30 yards)
  • 18 oz Black vinyl coated polyester, aka truck tarp (about 70 yards)
  • various marine grade vinyl polyester upholstery

I think there’s probably some other stuff I’d be willing to part with. I have a lot of this stuff that I don’t want to take with me. Ideally some one would just take all of it and that person could use it, sell it, give away or whatever. I just don’t have the time or the bandwidth to manage that right now. I could also donate it to the space if it would get used. It really doesn’t matter to me where it goes, I just don’t want to throw it away. Actually, donating it to the space would be pretty rad because then I could still have access to it for personal projects, but that would be up to some one else whether the space can receive something like this.

Anyway, there it is. Let me know if you’re interested. If I don’t hear from anyone, I’ll start posting to CL and FBMP and what not.

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The space does have a lot of hardware bits and bobs for members to use in their projects; it sounds like this would be the same ballpark, but for the craft loft.

The only difficulty I see (mind, I don’t speak for the space) is the lack of a steward for the craft loft right now. Having a volunteer to organize and lightly manage a bunch of stuff like this to prevent it from turning into a junk pile would go a long way to seeing it well utilized by members.

Anyone care to make a proposal?

Heyo! I wouldn’t mind taking those materials off your hands. Shoot me a DM and I can probably pick up anytime between tomorrow and Monday.

@Laser_Taser, Let’s see if someone at the Space is willing to take on stewardship of the Craft Loft and management of these supplies. If no one has a proposal by Sunday, I’ll help you load it on Monday. How does that sound?

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100% down with that!

@Laser_Taser Okay. It looks like it’s all yours. What time would you be able to come pick everything up tomorrow? Do you have a truck? I’ll need a couple of hours in the morning to get everything pulled out and ready for you to pick up.

Yeah, me and a buddy can stop by tomorrow after he gets out of work with a truck.

what time will that be?

I sent you a DM a few hours ago, did you get it?