Getting Skedda link for ATXHS shop scheduling

First, register for orientation though – there, sign up for your orientation date and your first class – then, pay your first month’s fee. After all those things are done, you get added to hax0r group here on yo.atxhs (you can request an add if we’re not getting to it fast enough), and you’ll get your ATXHS Skedda scheduling link.
Instruction post with pictures here: How to get access to Skedda

If you’re a long-time member who is all paid up but hasn’t scheduled since Covid, WELCOME BACK – we hope you’re liking yo.atxhs – you may still want to attend a Tuesday night orientation to get situated, as there is a lot of new content and you’ll get to meet some of the others getting back into the shop with you. It could be good to take the revamped woodshop refresher course if you have questions or are feeling rusty. The 2020 member agreement is here for you to sign:

Happy Hacking!

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