Gas Levels on the TIG and MIG Machines

Was working in the metal shop today and noticed that the gas bottle for the MIG is down to about 375 PSI. Not sure how far that is from empty, or how the refill process should work. Just don’t want anyone to have to deal with an unexpected empty bottle. On a whim I decided to
check the argon bottle on the TIG machine too, and it is reading about 100-125 psi. I thought that that bottle had just been replaced. Not sure if it is time to report on either of these issues, but I would rather be safe than sorry.


Thanks for posting @EAK58 I will get the bottles and starting the refilling process. I’m thinking Friday

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I’m not able to refill the bottles today and just found out that Texas Welding Supply does not open on Sat as they did prior. Someone please take the mig and tig gas bottles to get refilled. We do have a reimbursement system. Email a picture of the receipt to