FYI - Internet Service Provider Changing 8/11

In reviewing our finances recently, @wdnatx came to find that we are spending $530/mth on internet through Grande. A quick survey of other providers revealed we could switch to Spectrum and save ~$450/mth for the same download speed (upload speed is slower, but we aren’t hosting anything out of the space so that shouldn’t make too big a difference).

Spectrum will be coming tomorrow between 12-1p to setup the new service (@RDChilders will be onsite to handle anything with them). We’ll have a few days of overlap with Spectrum and Grande, so the space shouldn’t be without service during the transition. That should also give us a little time to verify the Spectrum service is adequate (our next billing cycle with Grande is 8/16).

Old service with Grande was 200 Mbps down/up, new service with Spectrum is 200/10 Mbps down/up


Thank you Valerie, Billy, and R. D. for making this happen and saving us money.

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