FYI - Affinity is being acquired by Canva

Acquisition announcement here

They currently indicate they will honor current licensing structure. Info here

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Better still for Asmbly, they pledge to make all their software free to non-profits.

Seems to me we should plan to put the full suite on our computers:
Designer, Photo, and Publisher are all excellent packages.
I appreciate Designer support for SVG and DXF.

If people like the software then they can buy licenses cheaply for themselves.
No monthly subscription. Buy it and own it and .dot upgrades are free.


Very cool. Last time we reached out about non-profit licensing they only offered a ~10% discount.

We did buy some licenses when they were on sale last fall. The full suite is on the two general purpose PCs, and the Blue, Pearl, and Vinyl Cutter PCs have Designer.


Wow, that’s massive news! Great for Serif/Affinity, I’m sure. +1 for installing the full suite on our computers. I use all the Affinity apps pretty much every day as a professional graphic & web designer! If anyone has interest in Affinity classes at ASMBLY, I’d be open to teaching — let me know!


Canva is fantastic and has been a huge asset for us! I’m happy to see them slurp up as many other design softwares as possible, especially if they stay true to their love for nonprofits! :raised_hands:

@mechenginic0 any commentary on this? :awesome:

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@valerie an exciting acquisition indeed! Directly inline with Canva’s mission to allow anyone, anywhere, to design anything. Can’t wait to see how it’s incorporated into the product :slight_smile:

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