Fusion CAM & Fixturing class (Tormach Part 1) NOV 10 6pm

Hey Guys,

If you are looking to use the Tormach the first step is to take the Fusion CAM & Fixturing Class.
During the class you learn to use the CAM portion of fusion 360 and learn some of the main Workholding techniques that will allow you to maximize the capabilities of the machine.

Note: The class is typically taught in the evening 6-9:30PM

To take the class please complete the following items;

  • have a laptop with Fusion 360 downloaded on it.

-Before the class Review this YouTube Playlist:

  • Have a 3D model of a part ready you would like to make.

Please post any questions here.


Looking forward to it. Will the class be held early November or posted early November? Thanks!

held In early November.

Can you (or anyone) suggest a playlist/account/site to learn the CAD side of Fusion 360? I need to learn that to make that 3D model first.

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I’ll look through my notes/playlists to see if I can find some. Lars christensen is the main one off the top, But if anyone else who uses the CAD side of fusion more has any please post. Or if anyone has an interest in teaching just CAD on Fusion post here too!

Additional note: You can use any 3D modeling software you like to create your model, I personally use Solidworks most of the time. You can even use 2D CAD software if you plan on making a simple part. Then we just import it in to do CAM.


Seconded Lars Christensen. That’s how I learned most of the CAD side.

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The class is going to be on NOV 10 6-9;30
will post link here once it’s on website

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Link here

Asmbly Makerspace (neoncrm.com)