Friendly reminder on Current Policies

There have been a lot of changes in recommendations lately, but just wanted to reinforce that masks are still currently required at the space (and for many/most crafts at the space should be worn for personal protection anyway).

The board will meet to discuss updates to our policies on 5/26. One thing to keep in mind is that we will not be getting into the business of asking people’s vaccination status – it’s not operationally feasible the way the space is run – so that will definitely play a role.

Thanks and stay tuned for updates next week!


Apologies all! I just realized I failed to post the update here. As one would expect given we’re not getting into checking people vaccination status, masks are still required at this time. The board continues to re-evaluate this at each board meeting (twice a month) and will continue making updates as the situation continues to improve.

Some Skedda changes with us being in Stage 2:

  • There are now 6 woodshop slots available to book (plus the artisan bench)
    • Woodshop Safety classes allow for one slot to be used during the class based on feedback from teachers. We’ll adjust this as we receive more feedback from teachers and members so let us know what is or isn’t working here.
  • Weekly allotted hours has increased to 24, meaning members may book up to 24 hours across spaces each week. This count resets every Monday.
    • Shop stewards receive an additional 12 hours per week and may now book up to 36 hours across space each week.
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Just some additional clarification on the woodshop benches from some questions that came up around this –
There are currently 6 work benches in the shop. The two closest to the wood CNC are for glue-ups and have potential for projects being left to dry on them. If there are 6 people in the woodshop and there are not 6 work benches open to spread across, members should share a work bench (like pre-COVID times :blush:). These benches are 4’x8’ so they are plenty big to allow people room to work without being super close to each other.

If anyone encounters problems with the new adjustments, please give us feedback and let us know. We can’t fix what we don’t know is broke!