Friendly Reminder of Current Policies

We’re happy to feel secure in remaining open during this time with the safety precautions currently in place, but a big piece of that is maintaining compliance. So with that, a few reminders of some of our current policies:

  • No one is permitted into ATXHS without a reservation in Skedda our scheduling software (see How to get access to Skedda). Only times available for booking in Skedda are valid times to be at the space.
  • Only 1 guest per member allowed. Guests must be documented in your Skedda reservation. Guests may NOT use any tools at ATXHS (encourage them to become members if they are interested!). Be familiar with all guest policies before bringing a guest to the space (see “General Policies and Practices” in our Reopen Plan here).
  • Continue following our standard storage policies for any items you leave in the space (see “Storage” section in the Member Handbook here).
  • If you don’t feel well, have received a positive COVID test, or have recently been exposed to someone with COVID, please stay home.

For full details on current policies during COVID, see our Reopen Plan at

Email for concerns or to report potential violations.

For serious incidents, please fill out a Critical Incident Form at