Friendly reminder — Facility Access

Just wanted to give a friendly reminder here about facility access at Asmbly. I was talking about this with a member last night and they were unsure of what to do in scenarios like this.

We frequently let people into the space when they come for classes and are not yet a member. However, in the case of people coming for shop time who are having OpenPath issues and requesting to be let in, even when it is someone you know, the default response should be to deny access. If a member is having trouble with OpenPath and wanting help getting in to the facility, they should be prepared to log into their Neon member portal here, select the “Purchase / Edit Membership” option from the dropdown menu, and prove that they have a current active membership like seen in the screenshot below.

Any member asking for help at the door that cannot show this, should not be let in.

This may seem harsh/cruel/annoying/rude/etc, but it is really necessary in order for us to ensure everyone using the facility is actually paying their dues to help keep this place running. One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen since migrating to OpenPath is members realizing their account was past due and correcting it. Not being able to get into the facility prompts people to check their account and realize their card didn’t go through on renewal and they aren’t actually a current member.

The reason we’ve been able to buy so many cool new tools, is because of accountability like this. Please help us keep tool acquisition up by helping make sure everyone using the facility is paying their dues.

Thank you!