Free to a good home

Hey all, I’m cleaning out some corners and though the hacker community might do something with this stuff that’s worn out its welcome at my place.

  1. Drobo 5C, no disks. Box and all accessories are included. I replaced the fans with quieter ones, but I just didn’t like it living on my desk. Surplus because I switched to a modern NAS.

  2. ReadyNAS NV with 4x 2TB SATA disks. It’s old and I broke a plastic clippy thing just now, but it’s in good working order. Box and power cord included.

  3. Western Digital MyBook Duo with 2x8TB SATA disks. I took it out of service while waiting for a warranty replacement on a failed disk and then didn’t find anything else to do with it. Cords included; no box or manuals.

  4. Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M sheetfed scanner. This one’s also getting pretty long in the tooth, but is generally functional. The drivers don’t work in Catalina and the manufacturer has written it off, but it works fine in older versions of OS X, and Google suggests it works with SANE in Linux. No idea about Windows. Box and accessories included.

Let me know if you want any or all of these things. I can PM you my address (near Westbrook Metals) for pickup, or I can drop off at ATXHS with your name on it.

Id be interested in items 1-3, but wont be able to pick up till next sunday.

PM me to discuss