Free SPAX Fastener Sample

Hey Makers,

Just got a nice delivery in the mail: a SPAX fastener sample.

I’m not affiliated with SPAX at all. But I do think they make a good product and have been using them for a while (GRK is also good). I like the star drive heads because you never really cam out with them. And, can’t complain with free.

Just wanted to post this in case anyone was interested in getting their own to try out or wanted some extra hardware. It also includes a T25 drive bit to screw them in and some other knickknacks like a pen and pads.

It took probably a month to get mine.

Here’s the link to sign up for one:

You are submitting your address and email, but I haven’t received any spam at all since requesting the sample.

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I’m a huge fan of fasteners that are an alternative to #2 phillips.

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I also love the star drive heads – thanks for this, Tim! It’s nice to get presents in the mail! :wink: