Free sewing machine and serger to good home

Hi friends, I’m looking to downsize a few machines from my collection.

One is a Singer professional. Works just fine, very intro-level machine. Sometimes these models get little hiccups, but that hasn’t been my experience with this one. That said, I haven’t sewn on it in four years.

The serger is a Janome. This is a great machine that currently is locked (the wheel does not turn) due to disuse. I recently had another seger do this to me that was revived by a service tech for $96. Could be a fun home project to take it apart and WD-40 the heck out of it for a few days, clean and oil it. Or just give it to a service tech.

Lmk if you’re interested in either of them or they’re going to ACR

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Serger has been claimed!

I am interested in the sewing machine! I can do skill exchange :slight_smile:

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I can drop it off this weekend at Asmbly or you can come pick it up from MLK/airport

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DMed :cowboy_hat_face: