Free office stuff. Conference room tables and chairs as well

My wife’s office is shutting down. There are some free conference room tables and chairs. The large one is about 15 feet. Some computers as well.

Who do we contact?

If there ends up being 6 or so matching chairs in good condition, we could use those for the space. We’re getting rid of all the tattered office chairs at the space.


I would love to claim a chair as well.

Not to be selfish, but the board should probably claim those conference tables unless we’ve got better plans for the textiles area. Those things as well as the whiteboards turn out to be annoyingly expensive.

I’ll happily claim the Mac computers (I see a Mini and a Mac Pro, no?). I’m also quite happy to claim 2 of the small “2 file drawer things” under the desks.

I’m not really interested in the Windows computers, but they’re probably better than anything in the makerspace, though. The UPS power strips are also probably more functional than we have.

I do love the room fan blowing on the exposed motherboard, though. LOL.

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I spoke with RD. he is going all the chairs till we figure out what we need

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Thank you @RDChilders!

@buzmeg I get what you are saying about conference tables being expensive, but they are also huge and bulky. I don’t see these fitting our needs. Keep in mind the textiles room will have several machines in addition to a cutting table. Either one of these tables looks like it would dominate that room and make everything else extremely cramped. We have plenty of whiteboards already, so if that is something on the list we are a hard pass on that as well.

Particularly because we are in big time clean out mode at the space, we need to be especially diligent in only taking what we know we truly need. The office chairs that are in good condition are the only things falling into that category from what I’ve seen in this thread.

Hmmm i was going to claim at least one of the mac’s. :neutral_face:

I’d like to retroactively claim Greg’s mac. Whichever one he chooses, that’s the one I want lol :grin:

I can solve this–give the wrong one to Keyan. :grinning:

Seriously, I don’t need the macs, but I somehow always manage to find someone who needs one–especially the Mini’s. They generally go to a musician.

However, if they find their way to someone else’s hands without me needing to bring them into the house, reformat them, and then store them for 6 months, I’m completely down with that.

Give the Macs to Gregory and Keyan.

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