Free crock pots (3 sizes)

In going through kitchen stuff, I have 3 crock pots (small, medium, large) that I’m going to get rid of. Since items like this can occasionally be used in a maker capacity, if anyone wants them, I’m happy to donate to your project.

I might be interested in one or more of them. What are their approximate sizes (quarts)?

1.5, 3 and 6

I’ll take one, the large or medium whichever Ethan don’t want

I would be interested in the small one!

@drew.hynes I’ll put it on the up for grabs shelf with your name on it when i’m over there this evening

@ashleyrlee and @mgmoore - I’ll be at the shop both this evening and on thursday. once we can sort out which size suits you both best, I’ll bring it in to put on the shelf with your name

…or Ethan, whenever you’re finished with the ballet and opera

@stepho Thank you so much! Where is the up for grabs shelf again?

Multi-purpose room. Near the 3D printers

@drew.hynes - paper bag with your name on it. Beware the handles, they are most dubious

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I’ll take the large one then. I will likely be up there Friday and Saturday morning and early afternoon.

Sounds good Ethan. I’ll bring yours over on Thursday evening. It will also be in a bag with your name on it

Thanks so much!

I think we should have a crock pot cook off


@ashleyrlee - are you going to be in the shop anytime soon?

Nothing specific planned

Ping me when you are so I can hopefully get the pot over to the shop before then

Tomorrow morning!

I’m unlikely to get over there this weekend, so catch me later

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