Form2 swapouts?

I’m getting some subpar results for some stuff I was doing on the Asmbly Form2 vs the one at my office.

I’d like to swap out the resin for the Rigid 10K Resin 1L and the Form2 Resin Tank LT. These should effectively be upgrades.

Are there any objections to me doing this at my expense?

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Tagging people most familiar with this including @Tookys who hosts this machine – @EricP @Devmani @dash3811

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Definitely a question for @Tookys since it’s his.

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Yes that sounds good @buzmeg. I noticed that as well on my last print.

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I had some adhesion issues when experimenting with the printer last week. It would be nice if someone more familiar with the printer could also take a look at the mirror under the tray when swapping trays out and ensure it looks correct. The whole area has been pretty dusty, presumably from the recent work and I’m a bit worried some dust from that may also be affecting the print quality. The printer may also need a z level adjustment.

I left some PEC Pads there for Asmbly to use as well as some small paint buckets in case of failed prints (which I’ve had). The clear resin there also looks pretty old so it’s good that someone is suggesting we swap it. You are welcome to use the plastic paint bucket to drain the resin in the tray if you like, the bucket is red with my name on it and the liners are clear.

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I have no issues with people wanting to swap out resin and trays that they provide for their own prints.

If somebody wants to have the space use another resin as the pay to use resin for the space I’m also fine with that but somebody would need to update the none system for the new cost.

If the space decides to use rigid resins I’m OK with it. But I do warn I don’t think it’s a good idea.

I use rigid at my office and it can become extremely difficult to clean it off the platform. Almost impossible and my work has a dedicated fume hood to contain the debris from cleaning off the rigid resin while the clear tends to pop off easily.

Hrm, we should probably print the Form Optics Test.

Any horizontal surface on that machine probably has a lot of garbage on it even if the galvanometer mirrors are fine.

If this were an Asmbly machine, I’d give it a thorough cleaning. Given this is someone’s machine, I’m quite reluctant to do so as there is a non-trivial possibility that a cleaning could kill the machine.

I will defer to you on this. After I stabbed my wrist with an Xacto knife trying to release a model with standard resin and had to do surgery, 18 weeks of physical therapy, and all the attendant questions from physicians about whether I tried to self-harm (My standard answer: “No self-harm. Just self-stupid”), I decided that I would always use a wide cold chisel and a wooden mallet to release my prints from that point forward.