[FIXED] Red tagged hot air station

Riko tagged the hot air station in August.

I tried it, and it seemed to work at first. However, there was a temperature sensing glitch. That went away; it was possibly due to an oxidized connector at the PCB. Then I noticed that there was something rattling in the wand. Turns out there’s a glass (?) insulator around the element, and part of it is broken up.

Sparkfun sells elements, but it doesn’t appear that they sell the outside insulator. Do we want to try to find a replacement part, or replace the entire unit?

Update: McMaster sells quartz tubing in the right diameter. I’ve put in a purchase request for a piece. It can operate at up to something like 2000F so it can certainly handle the heat.


Thought I’d replied to this

I put a new piece of quartz tubing in it and so far so good.

There’s plenty of tubing left should we need it again, but we’ll need to figure out a better way to cut - I ended up with a jagged edge.

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