[FIXED] Omer nail gun needs maintenance

So, the Omer nail gun is misfiring too often, and when it does it tends to explode the nylon nail and jam the striker requiring a brief disassembly and cleaning. It has been used quite a lot so we’re looking for general wear issues. The smooth top plate and the bottom channel plate don’t seem worn. The Omer nail gun is the only one for shooting the nylon nails and it’s an expensive piece of equipment, so it’s absolutely worth carefully repairing.

Talked to the mfg today. It sounds like the striker is probably worn and the front is rounded out instead of a flat surface. We can check for this under the microscope. If so, it’s a matter of dressing the face of the striker back to a flat face. It needs to be done carefully and take off as little metal as possible, as well as using a dressing method that won’t itself round out or slant the striker. There may be a way to do it with fine-grit wet sandpaper on a flat surface, but we’ve got a manual mill, so probably the mill.

Any redressing method for the striker will require disassembly to remove the striker. Maintenance guide with parts explosion here:


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Thanks Danny. I know a lot of people rely on the fiber nailer

I did ask for some clarification, they said they’ve used a bench grinder with the finest grit stone. I was told the striker is hardened steel.

Is the lathe tool sharpener an option? It’s certainly controllable for removing tiny amounts of steel. Is a clean hardened steel striker going to be a problem for the tool sharpener?

I think it should work fine

So something else happened- not sure what busted. Following up on what @zackg reported, when you hook it up to air it’s just dumping out the exhaust port. Nothing is physically damaged from the outside.

Actually as you apply air, it fires by itself (very little force) extending out the striker. The trigger has no resistance. And again, the air is dumping out the exhaust

I’m messaging Omer so we can fix ASAP.

Anyhow, the CNC router’s polymer nails are not usable. They are a unique gauge and cannot go in any regular nail gun.

Please DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE REGULAR NAILS IN THE CNC. They won’t come out without a major, sometimes fruitless effort and we will have to replace the bed if there’s many of them.

Please be careful using screws. Only high quality ones, Kreg pocket screws are probably da best, don’t use longer ones than you need. You only need about 3/4" to engage into the MDF. If you bring long screws with thin stock, you can even drive a screw all the way through the bed and then drive into the supporting aluminum frame without even noticing.

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There are similar issues with regular nail guns. They will probably sell you a oring/seal kit.

I have the kit. It is a crazy number of o-rings.

Anyone want to take this on?

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What is involved? It needs to be opened up and new O rings put in? If there are instructions I can attempt…

We have the parts explosion in that first post, no instructions.

15 o-rings all of different sizes loose in a bag, not carded, so it’s gonna take a little strategy to figure out which o-ring is which before starting

Omer gun is fixed and nailing fine

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