First project on the new large CNC

I’ll post again tomorrow or Tuesday with details on my first 4’x8’ project on the new Laguna Swift CNC. For now, here’s some details on my very first project:

I contribute to Austin’s comedy wrestling scene. Last night was the first ever* Fight Opera show. We needed some light boxes for our announcer’s table:

The design I came up with was not well thought out, structurally. My plan to use LED strips in the dados was abandoned due to time.
The Swift, on the other hand, was a big success. I had a 2’x4’ sheet. When I cut and removed the four sides of each box I covered the empty space with hardboard*(?) to keep suction from the vacuum bed strong and had no problem with parts shifting.

*edit: maybe technically this wasn’t our first show. The people of Fight Opera held a backyard wrestling show, earlier this year. This was the first show with Fight Opera’s ring and the first show at Pink Flamingo Plant Co., which we hope will become the long-term home/venue for The Velveteen Court and by extension Fight Opera.


More progress shots. The fronts are clear and backs were reversible black/white board.


Tarkin also contributed to our show. I made fangs/teeth from corrugated cardboard.


Nice! Now I’m going to Google Fight Opera.

Is this part of Party World Rasslin’? I saw these boxes last night and thought they were pretty damn cool! Designed with Moziak cabinet building software that we have on the iQ computer. Really cool how it did the dados and everything for you!


Those are different boxes. Fight Opera split off from Party World Rasslin’


Ah whoops! Thanks for correcting me on that :sweat_smile:

Do you have any links to Fight Opera? My quick search turned up empty. Sounds fun!

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Fight Opera IGG: Fight Opera presents: Plantasmagoria | Indiegogo