First frame

Hi All! Just wanted to share my first woodworking project using the shop! It’s a frame made of Purple Heart, with a cork sheet behind the map for push pins. It was the culmination of first time use on many tools (planer, jointer, miter saw, table saw w/ jig, bandsaw). Also had never used an orbital sander nor sealant. Took the requisite classes of course but its different (for me) once you get in there outside of the demos and you need a specific use. Also had to (read: wanted to) 3d print the frame brackets for the miter glue-ups because I couldn’t find them in the clamp pile. Lifted the dimensions off of an Amazon product and recreated it (practically) in FreeCAD.

I had absolutely no idea about the world of exotic woods until taking David’s Intro to Lathe class. One of my (tangential) take-aways from that class was man, I want to make a frame out of Purple Heart. (David, I did go to Rockler and get a PH blank, but as you know and stopped me on the lathe, my tools were not sharp and this project thus skipped ahead haha).

Watched countless videos on how to make a frame - everyone has a different way for each step it seems. Gotta thank Bill though for the solid common sense and showing me (for a later project) why cut four times when you can cut two times and much more cleanly and simply? Also have to thank Bill for listening to me talk about this frame at our introduction but also my hesitation to start, and his (again) sound advice: “Just go for it.”

Also thank you to Shane for checking in on what I was doing from time to time when I was there, and introducing me to the people around me. That definitely opened up the space for me and made it feel more like a community.


Fantastic job! It’s such an amazing feeling of accomplishment and pride in designing and bringing it to life. Congratulations on a beautiful frame. Thank you for sharing this with the community as I believe it contributes to inspiring and instilling motivation to get out and just make something. Well done Romeo.


Really well done! :slight_smile:


This is awesome! Every Purple Heart project I see makes me really want to try it out myself.